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Bye bye to spreadsheets 

Growing Fast? It's time to upgrade! Automate your business to a more sophisticated software ! Get a developer to create your own custom app that simplifies & streamlines your business processes.

Book A Session because I'm looking forward to meeting with you. I love to work with the underdogs, misfits & people that want to shape the future.

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"Growing fast? Its time to upgrade! Automate your business to a more sophisticated software!

Get developers on your side to create your very own custom sheets that simplify and streamline your business processes!"

Need To Master Excel ?

Far far away, some people have jobs and they use Microsoft Excel,Google Sheets or Libre Office for work regularly. Some people need the knowledge to get a new job and others need it get a better job. So where do you start, who do you call, behind the internet noise and numerous tutorials ,  we specialize in giving you the tips, the key points, tips that can move you from a novice to a guru in less than 2 days . 


Going solo but need a hand ?

 We're techies like you too. We know you know it. You just need a hand...thats what we're offering.

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